Alexandra Souria


Decemeber 21, 1989


Detroit LA, California Orange County

Years Active:

1999- Present


Capitol Records 2004- Present

Alexandra Souria is best known as a Americian- Actress , Singer- Songwriter and Make Up Model Artist.

Her Best known role is "Mindy Ryan" on the show Stupid Girls.

Career Edit

Alexandra Souria first began her career in 1999 with her film Farm, she was first spotted in  a club for performing on stage with singing and acting both staging it, which is were her agent wanted to have her for some movies. In 2000 the very second movie came which was with her first agent was the film titled "Taylor Margne".

In 2001 Sourias Film First lead role movie was "Rat with Mat" which was Alexandra playing the lead role of the Rat who was a rat that always was chased like a cat which is another version of tom & jerry.

Souria also did some more lead role films and movie's such as  "Master", "Brother Bear", "Finding Nemo" and The Rouge.

In 2004 Alexandra Souria became part of her most famous role of playing "Mindy Ryan" on the show called Stupid Girls.

In 2006 Souria Became a Main Role in the Movie "Super Ailien" which is a theatrical Movie from 2006, Followed by in 2007 when Alexandra Souria did a voice role for Ratitouille.

Alexandra Souria as of 2010 is pursuing a music career which her 3rd studio album is in the workings. The first single had a Radio premiere in Los angeles with ryan seacrest the first single is titled "Your Sight" which is planning to realease in Summer 2010 on itunes.

Personal LifeEdit

In 2004 Souria was claimed to be dating Jesse Mccartney which was later became the truth in Mid 2005. In 2006 Alexandra at the Teen Choice Awards told everyone that was a rumour.

In July 2008 Alexandra Souria was arrested for smoking crack which she was later bailed out but had to go to rehabilitation classes.

Discography Edit

Studio Album(s):

  • Burning (2005)
  • Low (2006)
  • Alexandra Souria (2009)



Filmography Edit

1999- Farm- Extra

2000- Taylor Margne- Extra

2001- Rat With A Mat- Snooty- Main Role

2001- Master- Joey- Recurring Role

2003- Brother Bear- Voice Role

2004- 2008- Stupid Girls- Mindy Ryan- Main Role

2006- Super Ailien- Carly Guenne- Main Role

2007- Rattotouille- Voice Role