Anthony Stone is Best known as Fred Louis on  Stupid Girls.

Biography Edit

Anthony Stone was Born on (April 25, 1987) in Houston, Texas which is were he took Acting Lessons.

In 2004 Stone had the Main Role as playing Fred Louis on Stupid girls, Which is were he got most of his fame from, Which he was Present for all 4 seasons.

In 2007 Anthony Stone played an Extra on "Lion Run".

In February 2011 it was confirmed that Anthony has a Main Role on an Upcoming Veoh original movie titled "Avoid All Robots".

Filmography Edit

2004- 2008- Stupid Girls- Fred Louis- Main Role

2006- Stupid Girls: Entering Hollywood- Fred Louis- Main Role- TV- MOVIE

2006- Stupid Girls: Curse Of The Love- Fred Louis- Main Role- TV MOVIE

2007- Stupid Girls: Good- Bye- Fred Louis- Main Role- TV MOVIE

2007- Lion Run- Extra

2008- Stupid Girls: Wedding- Main Role- TV MOVIE

2011- Avoid All Robot's - Main Role