Stupid Girls: Good- Bye

Realease Date:

October 27, 2007 (US) October 28, 2007 (UK) October 31, 2007 (CA)


Alexandra Souria Hutch Dano Seth Hilton Marissa Kidman John Kidman Tiffany Tyler Anthony Stone


Shane White

Running Time:

65 Minutes 80 Minutes(With Commericials)

Stupid Girls: Good- Bye is a TV-MOVIE of the show Stupid Girls in 2007, It was in dedication to Martin Angus, This was the actual Memorial to him. After Martin Angus was going to a store near set when getting a prompt a guy named "Tank Durgo" came into the store shooting a gun which shot Martin right in the head. So The Show Stupid girls was cancelled in 2006 but then came back in 2007 with the TV-MOVIE followed by a 6 episode fourth season. The TV-Movie recieved over 100,000 viewers.

Plot Edit

Stupid Girls: Good- Bye is when Melissa Ryan aka Miss Ryan gets a call from the hospital and hear that her husband died because he got shot. So Melissa goes to see Jeff at the hospital she runs out of the house with noone knowing in the house were their mom is going. So Mindy, Alex, And Mallory all see their mom come home in tears and they get told that their dad died, So All 3 of them are crying in their room for the night, Telling about what they have not had time with their dad. Meanwhile their grandad is coming and same with their grandma but they are both divoriced, So they all have to get along before the memorial service. So Mindy,Brenda,Fred, Alex, And Mallory all become the memorial service planner. Mindy is the leader, Brenda is in charge of food, Fred is incharge of Decorations, Alex is incharge of the Casket, Mallory is in charge of guest invites. But Mindy and their mom Melissa is trying to get the two together before the memorial service or it can possibly get ruined. So After almost getting them back together serveral times Mindy keeps trying but it is not working, So Mindy gives up on the Planning. Now Melissa lost her party planners and she is freaking out just like Mindy and gives up as well. So the Grandad and Grandma decide to go talk to the two to say that they are going to get along and if they dont they will never come back again. Brenda then takes over and same with Fred and the Funreal /Memorial Room become's a great place which now the memorial service is dueable to be a memorial service. So at the memorial service/ Funreal the casket is their and everyone is talking and Marissa and Mindy see the Memorial Service done well which Mindy think's is amazing, But It makes Marissa upset to see this was for her husband and how much he misses him. The Speeches everyone makes which were Brenda and Fred were we are going to miss you, Alex, Mindy, Mallory's Speech's were like you are our favourite dad and we will miss you, Grandad and Grandmas were like we love you son in law we are going to miss you which is what today is all about. Then Finally Melissa's Speech was about how we are all here about our differences and how we should represent Jeff Ryan Martin Angus today. In The End Melissa's Parents get back together, And Melissa and her kids Mindy, Alex, And Mallory all are going to live and learn how to live together without Jeff which is how the movie ends.

Cast Edit

Alexandra Souria- Mindy Ryan

Marissa Kidman- Melissa Ryan

Hutch Dano- Alex Ryan

John Kidman- Grandad Ryan

Murial Heather- Grandma Ryan

Tiffany Tyler- Brenda Talle

Anthony Stone- Fred Louis

Martin Angus Death Edit

This Was A Dedication To Martin Angus and his Memorial Service, This was also really decorated by the Stupid Girls Cast and Crew.

DVD Realease Edit

The DVD Realeased Decemeber 13, 2007 which sold 70,000 copies of the DVD.

Realease History Edit

Network Realease Date Viewers
   Veoh October 27, 2007 96K
   FOX October 27, 2007 100K
UK Nick October 28, 2007 79K
   CA October 31, 2007 99K
 Russia Veoh Novemeber 3, 2007 56K
 Veoh Brazil Janurary 12, 2008 23K

Footnotes Edit

^A This is the season 3 finale

^B Martin Angus's Death is really mentioned in the TV-MOVIE