Stupid Girls Curse Of The Love


Alexandra Souria Tiffany Tyler Martin Angus David Henrie Austin Hanze Ken Morran Anthony Stone Hutch Dano Marissa Kidman Seth Hilton

Realease Date:

Novemeber 3, 2006

Running Time:

44 Minutes

Stupid Girls Curse Of Love is a TV-Movie which premiered on Novemeber 3, 2006 which garned 6K Viewers.

Plot Edit

Stupid Girls the Curse Of The Love is a about when Mindy finds a guy she thinks is the one, but everyone else thinks that this guy is up to no good so everyone trys to get proof that this guy is bad. So they spy on Mindy after Henry and Mindy date but after when Mindy see's her mom and dad, then she sees Fred and brenda she gets upset but also when she leaves the restaurant she see's her brother and sister, and her Ex- boy friends from california Allan and Dude she gets really mad. The Next day in the morning Marissa, Jeff, Alex and Mallory cannot find Mindy anywhere so they go to Brenda's house but no sign and same with Fred and Allan and dude and Henry but noone can find her anywhere so they expect her she ran away from home, but Marissa aka Miss Ryan finds that she has a tracking device in Mindy's backpack and they see that she is in Texas Houston so Mindy took the family car, So they all take Brenda's car up to Texas, But they found her in  a pub in a club dancing when her parents find her she is grounded for 5 months. But what they do not know is that Henry was a vampire that wants to eat cindy, so they take Mindy up to the Texas Tower to Eat her so Henry becomes a full vampire, But Marissa,Jeff, Alex, Allan, and Dude all get garlic to kill the Vampires, While  Fred  and Mallory  try to get Mindy Realeased. In The End Mindy forgives everyone and the Vampires are dead.

Cast Edit

Alexandra Souria- Mindy Ryan

Tiffany Tyler- Brenda Talle

Ken Morran- Henry

Martin Angus- Jeff Ryan

Marissa Kidman- Melissa Ryan

Anthony Stone- Fred Louis

Seth Hilton- Mallory Ryan

David Henrie- Allan

Austin Hanze- Dude Zeil

Hutch Dano- Alex Ryan