Stupid Girls Entering Hollywood

Director & Writer:

Shane White


Alexandra Souria Tiffany Tyler Martin Angus Hutch Dano Anthony Stone Marissa Kidman Austin Hanze Seth Hilton

Realease Date:

March 31, 2005

Run Time

59 Minutes

Stupid Girls Entering Hollywood is the first TV-MOVIE from the Series Stupid Girls.

It Garned 72,000 Viewers On The Premiere Date.

Plot Edit

It is the End Of the School year and Mindy is graduating from High School and Alex pulls the biggest prank ever when Mindy does her speech with Brenda and Fred so she messe's up and Nobody knows who pulled the prank so Mindy is accused of pulling it at her school so Brenda and Fred do not become friends with Mindy anymore. But what Mindy doesn't know is that their was someone their who was a comedy executive producer and is looking for some people to come to hollywood with him. So He goes to Mindy's house and Brenda, Fred and Dudes house to come to Hollywood to film the show titled "Mess it Up" so Mindy, Brenda, Dude, Fred, Alex, Jeff, Melissa, And Mallory all go to hollywood to become Movie Stars. So On the way they get stopped by a deer so they have to try and get it to move out of the way so they can make it to the meeting on time to the first meeting or they will be cancelled. After Moving the Deer they make it to the meeting but they have to sign  a contract to be on the TV show permidily so Mindy decides she wants to be part of Hollywood. Mindy is on the show, with Brenda, Dude, Alex, Fred, Jeff, Melissa and Mallory become stars and start to get famous. Also this was Promotion for Mindy's Band so they play the same time of the first episode of mess it up, But Mindy thinks her band is more important then the show so she has to figure out which she is going to choose. So Mindy trys to get out of her contract so she doesn't get sued or else she will be in trouble. So Mindy figures out a way to do both at the same time. By Making the theme song "Burning Loves" band single the main theme, But not just the band will be playing the song in Love everyone else and this time Both her and her boyfriend are going to sing together in the song. So In The End Mindy,Brenda, Maria, Fred, Dude, Jeff, Alex, Melissa and Mallory all become TV stars but they miss their own home so they leave the show and live their life as the way it was.

Cast Edit

Alexandra Souria- Mindy Ryan

Tiffany Tyler- Brenda Talle

Austin Hanze- Dude

Anthony Stone- Fred Louis

Hutch Dano- Alex Ryan

Martin Angus- Jeff Ryan

Justin Zeil- Henry

Bridget Maller- Maria

Marissa Kidman- Melissa Ryan

Seth Hilton- Mallory Ryan

DVD Realease Edit

Their was A DVD for the show which realeased On July 2, 2006

This DVD included some Bonus features such as Behind the scenes footage and a Music Video "In Love".

Realease History Edit

Network Realease Date Viewers
  Veoh March  31, 2006    72K
UK Veoh March 31, 2006   50K
    CA April 2, 2006   70K
MX Veoh May 9, 2006   23K

Footnotes Edit

Note: This is the Season 2 finale, And this is a 2 part episode.