Stupid Girls Wedding

Directed by:

Shane White


Alexandra Souria Max Jordan Tiffany Tyler Anthony Stone Hutch Dano Seth Hilton Marissa Kidman

Running Time:

44 Minutes 60 Minutes(With Commericials)

Realease Date:

Janurary 25, 2008

Stupid Girls:Wedding is the Series finale of Stupid girls which garned 89K viewers.

Plot Edit

In The Series finale Jake purpose's to Mindy since they are now graduated from High school, So Jake ask's Mindy to marrie him and Jake said he bought a house in San Diego which is were Mindy might move too. So Mindy Highers wedding planners which were Brenda, Fred, Alex, And Mallory on the job for Wedding plans and made Brenda and Fred the top of the Wedding planners. While Mindy is still making her decision she see's that Lisa dumped Allan which was her first Ex- boyfriend , But Mindy is now going to think of accepting the ring before, But she tells brenda and fred that she might be falling for someone else. So she is worried what path she is going to take for the rest of her life. Melissa Ryan and Mallory, Alex are going to see what they can do to cheer Mindy up. So they throw her a party to enforce her to be married and move out  of california so she can start to grow up. But Mindy doesn't think she is mature enough to continue on in life, So she wants to pull the whole wedding thing off. Later Jake is wondering why Mindy is acting werid, So they break up. But now since Mindy has a wedding dress which Miss Ryan and mallory made she has to have a wedding, And Brenda, and Fred got a cake, And the wedding chapel was decorated by Alex. But the whole thing costed 150,000$ which is over half of what Mindy's House is worth. So its up to everyone convince Mindy to marrie someone before the Big day. Which Mindy goes to Allan's house to get away from everyone, Which is were Allan purpose's to her and they have true love, So their is a wedding. In the end Mindy and Allan live in a house near Mindy's old house, and were everyone is. Brenda and her boyfriend get married, Fred finds a girl named Lucy, Alex is gone with her wrost enemy at school, Melissa Ryan gets re-married to another guy, Mallory starts to date and has her first kiss which is how the series ends.

Cast Edit

Mindy Ryan- Alexandra Souria

Jake Anders- Max Jordan

Allan- David Henrie

Brenda Talle- Tiffany Tyler

Fred Louis- Anthony Stone

Alex Ryan- Hutch Dano

Mallory Ryan- Seth Hilton

Melissa Ryan- Marissa Kidman

DVD Realease Edit

Their was a DVD Janurary 29, 2008 and blu ray as well which came out a few days Later after the premiere

Realease History Edit

Network Realease Date Viewers
   Veoh Janurary    25, 2008 89K
    CA Janurary 29, 2008 70K
 UK Nick Janurary 30, 2008  80K
 MX Veoh Feburary 11, 2008 62K
 Veoh Brazil May 9, 2008 36K

Premiere Edit

Their was a thetracial realease in the US which is were Alexandra Souria, Tiffany Tyler, David Henrie, Anthony Stone, Hutch Dano, and Seth Hilton, Which recieved 500 People their with sold out tickets. It also Premiered on MTV with 300K viewers.

Footnote Edit

^A  This is the Stupid Girls Series Finale.