Tiffany Tyler is best known for playing Brenda Talle on Stupid Girls. Also Tyler has the upcoming lead role to the Veoh Kids show "Paralyzed" as Taylor Vegas.

She Was Born September 15, 1987 in Orlando, Florida which is where she is currently living. .

Career Edit

Stupid Girls, On The Way 2001-2003Edit

Tyler has been in Serveral Roles On Nickelodean Shows, Veoh Shows, And Disney Channel Shows Tiffany Tyler First Started when she was an Extra for Lizzie Mcguire In 2002, Then in 2003 She did her voice role on Lilo & Stitch: The Series when she played one of mertiles friends Piko.

In 2004 Tiffany Tyler had her first main role as she played Brenda Talle on Stupid Girls which she tryed out for the role serveral times then in 2003 she won it, which she was Mindy Ryan's Side kick on the show and girl band member.

The Show won alot of awards, in 2005 She came out with an EP album titled "Life" which came out in Novemeber 2005, which featured her single "Life".

After Stupid Girls Tiffany Tyler Guest Starred On Drake & Josh on The Episodes in 2007 The Storm and Megans Revenge which were her two places were she played an extra.

Also She Was an Extra in iCarly in 2009 and will continue in 2010.

In Novemeber 2009 it was confirmed that Tiffany Tyler will be in the disney channel original movie Star Struck which has been filmed already in Los Angeles. The Movie is planned to realease in 2010.

Mall Job, Harry Potter, The Truth Of ID 2010-2011Edit

Tiffany Tyler is currently filming her movie "The Truth Of ID" which is realeased on June 4, 2010 which had a full house at the Orange County RIP Film Festival of 2010.

It has been confirmed in late Decemeber 2009 by seth hilton that there will be a Stupid Girls Movie going to be going into production in March 2010. but then in February 2010 on Tiffanys Twitter she announced that the movie has been cancelled due to stars not calling back to shane white aka the creator.

On June 4, 2010 Tyler played an Extra role in the hit iCarly movie iPsycho which is going to be her last appearence for Nickelodeon. Also that same day her independent movie realeased "The Truth Of ID" which garnered a full house of people. That same day also had her on Veoh and Maza's first new episode of Lucky Lucy titled "Lucy and the Comedy" which she played the role as Tasha Banks.

It is Planned at the moment that Tiffany Tyler's Cartoon series were Tyler has a voice role on the new Maza series "Mall Job" which she will be voicing as a Main Character named "Katie. The series Premiered on Maza and Veoh which Veoh made a come back June 28, 2010 The series "Mall Job" Premiered and did very well on Camp veoh. The pilot episode is about 7 teenagers finding Jobs to hang at the Mall after they owe the Mall from damaging it. The series has been renewed to a second season which is planning to be released in 2011. Mall Job has been nominated Teen Veoh Choice Award as the best break out cartoon show which won and was nominated for best break out show.

As of July 2010 Tiffany Tyler is planning to be on the last 2 harry potter movies as an extra she was in the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which realeased in November 2010. She is planned to return into the second part of the Deathly hallows.

In July 2010 it was confirmed that Tiffany Tyler guest starred on a major episode of "Cindy And The TV Show" which aired on April 16, 2011 on an episode titled "Wrestling". A Fact is that Wrestling is the most viewed Cindy And The TV Show episode to date.

Paralyzed 2012-PresentEdit

Discography Edit


  • 'Life (2005)'


  • For The World (2005)
  • Life (2006)

Filmography Edit

2001- Lizzie Mcgurie- Extra

2002- The Brittany Show-Madison- Episode 38

2003- Lilo & Stitch The Series- Voice Role

2003- Sky High- Jessica- The Break Is Over

2004- 2008- Stupid Girls- Brenda Talle- Main Role

2003- 2004- On The Way- Little Miss- Plot, Chasing Dream, 6 Feet Tall, Break Up Drama

2005- Sketchie- Herself- Guest Star- Tiffany Tyler Episode

2006- Stupid Girls: Go To Hollywood- Brenda Talle- Main Role

2006- Stupid Girls: Curse Of The Love- Brenda Talle- Main Role

2007- The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody- Extra- The Arwin that Came To Dinner

2007- Drake & Josh- Extra- Megans Revenge, The Storm

2007- Stupid Girls: Good-Bye- Brenda Talle- Main Role

2008- Stupid Girls: Wedding- Brenda Talle- Main Role

2008- Grounded On A Floor- Marissa- Main Role

2009- Cool Cru... - Voice Role

2009- 2010 iCarly- Extra- iGo Nuclear, iHave My Principals, iMove Out, iFix A Popstar,iSpace Out, iBloop

2009- iCarly: iQuit iCarly- Extra

2010- Star Struck- Girl #17

2010- The Truth Of ID- Christine Albus-Main Role

2010- iCarly : iPsycho- Extra

2010- Lucky Lucy- Tasha Banks- Guest Star

2010-Present Mall Job- Katie- Voice Role

2010- In Reality- Zara- Guest Role

2010- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Kim- Other Roles...

2011- Cindy And The TV Show- Mandy Fierce- Guest Star- Wrestling

2011- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2- Kim- Other Roles...

2011- Dancing On Veoh Studio's - Herself- Guest Dancer

2012-Present Paralyzed - Taylor Vegas- Lead Role

2012- Dream On - Diddy - Guest Star - Dream Dancer

2012- Fun Game - Jessica- Lead Role

2012- Cry - Mariah - Main Role